Our production facilities

For eight years, we have been selecting, roasting, and blending coffee beans. Our production facilities are equipped with modern European equipment and a security system that meet all sanitary standards.

To roast grains, we use electric roasters, which allow regulating temperature fluctuations to the degree (and that’s the indicator that impacts the taste of the drink the most).

After roasting, we allow grains to infuse for at least 12 hours. This time is needed to complete the release of carbon dioxide and other chemical processes that influence coffee properties. Coffee beans acquire perfect taste and aroma only after resting for some time.

To preserve the taste and valuable properties of grains, we pack our products in a special aluminum film that does not permit light and air through.

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Our mission

We love good coffee passionately. And we want to share this passion so that it would be the only coffee you drink. Only the best. Therefore, our mission is to teach you to choose the right coffee and enjoy every sip of this noble drink.

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Our values

Your smiles, cheerfulness, and good mood inspire us and make us move forward. We want you to drink good and affordable coffee every day. Therefore, we have personally developed branded blends with the perfect combination of taste, price, and quality.

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    We do what we love, putting our heart soul, and passion into it. This is why Baristoff coffee is so rich and strong.

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    We keep up with the times to constantly improve coffee brewing technology and taste.

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    We work honestly and responsibly to maintain our core value - your trust.

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